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This is apparently because of the lack of life experience.

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On the other hand, the imagination is so active at this age that it can be used as an advantage. Not to get lost in the multitude of options, you can turn to the following list of appropriate topics: Why everybody in the world should have the right to education How important it is to keep fit Pros and cons of our grading system Is there a universal diet for every person?

Drinking enough water makes us better students The connection between attention and healthy sleep Professional sports from an early age: Is it worth it? Who should control the level of violence in online games? Initially, social media were used to find and communicate with people one already knows. Today, this is the world on new possibilities, exciting acquaintances, and sharing any information with the world. It is fascinating and, at the same time, dangerous, - just like the real world is.

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So, no wonder that we want to explore it from different angles and students might research it in their essays. There are some good topic examples for you to consider: How our education can benefit from social media Why are people so addicted to social networks? Friends on Facebook: Imaginary or real? Should the government monitor our likes and dislikes? At what age children should start their accounts How social media influence one's family life?

Online pranks and their consequences Does the negativity we face online make us stronger in real life? Controlling and censoring social media: Is it a violation of human rights? Some striking misbelieves about social media Why do different people prefer different types of social media? Memes with real people: Can we use real photos for fun? Should bloggers tackle controversy in their blogs' comment sections?

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Technology may be considered the blessing by some people or a potential danger by others. But everyone will agree, - it will not go anywhere. We can't turn back time now, at least , so we will see it developing. We will also see and experience new results of our past attempts and learn to live with them trying not to destroy the planet on which we live. The more we know about technology, the better equipped we are to continue the technical progress without endangering ourselves.

So, you will definitely be assigned to write an argumentative essay about such issues.

Check out some examples of what to write about: Falling prey to modern technology and how to escape that How do technological advances influence our self-esteem? The ways to increase creativity using technology The illusion of the crowd: How lonely we get because of overusing technology?

The smart ways of using technology in everyday life Can a computer treat a human mind like a therapist?

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Does Siri make jokes on her own? Healthy habits reducing the adverse effects of technology on our body How to improve your time-management with technology How to deal with too much information we get daily Smart homes and how much we need them? How to introduce technology to kids gradually and with no harm. Though family-related issues often arise in various classroom discussions, not all students know how to pick an exciting argumentative essay topic to investigate it. Can adopted children be genuinely happy in new families?

Can the government decide what is better for children from troubled homes? What indicates that parents give too much attention to their child? Parental control over internet usage: When is it time to stop? How does the family suffer if they spend too much time in front of a TV? What is the quality time and does it make the relation on the family warmer?


Why it is imperative to read to children How to alleviate conflicts between siblings. Ethical issues put the society in dilemmas. Some of them are more relevant to those living in certain regions. Others are acute to all humanity. They can hardly find a universal and eternal solution. But people should consider for themselves what point of view they would adopt: Should therapists and priests keep in secret everything they hear from patients and parishioners if this information is potentially dangerous for society?

What a doctor should do if the patient rejects the necessary treatment Racial quotas at the workplace Why possessing a gun is a huge responsibility Should parents protect kids from harsh reality hiding the truth about deaths or crime in the family?

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  5. Can we name the names of sex offenders in public? How should society treat addicts? What would happen if all drugs got legalized on the same day? Is hunting and fishing for fun still acceptable in the modern world? The role of the economy can hardly be exaggerated. We all hear news about it daily and draw our conclusions. Because of so much attention, an argumentative essay on Economics must have a captivating thesis, - no matter whether it is your major or not. Why do developing countries export goods their people need? Why the US imports goods it could produce on its own Downsides of an export-oriented economy The latest examples of economic recession: The lessons we learned in Who is responsible for the downturn in the economy The impact of Franklin D. The free-trade principles and how various countries realize them Do corporations shape the US economy?

    What are the defining factors of economic growth? These are not just topics about a healthy lifestyle, although you can make a point of it, too. A person's health is the most valuable things in the world, and the system created to preserve it is of great importance. Thus, there are plenty of topics to choose from in this section: Is free healthcare for everyone possible in this country?

    Why some pharmaceutical companies still perform experiments on animals? What should we do with the data gained by Nazis from experiments on humans? Should we go through executive checkups every year? How the internet can help us to be healthier Placebo effect and how we experience it in everyday life Can students of today's schools maintain their eyesight?

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    Why some types of food intolerance are more common in the USA than in other countries. Essay topics about education are seen by students differently. Some want to know more about the very process, and others don't. Besides, there are many policies, approaches, methods, and tools a student should know about, too. Anyway, the education system might be an excellent subject for your argumentative essay in case you choose the topics that matter. Here are great examples: Do schools have the right to reject children with special needs?

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